How much money can we expect to make from our recyclables?

That is up to you. The more qualifying items you send in, the more money you make! Actively participating groups earn an average of $100 per month or $1,200 yearly.

Is there a minimum number of items needed for shipping?

Yes, please send a minimum of 20 items or 20 pounds worth of items per box to eScrip Recycling.

Which models are accepted by eScrip Recycling? Does the pricing ever change?

Some cartridge models you send in cannot be refilled and, therefore, have no value. The same is true for the ability to recover parts for certain phones and tablets. You can view the list of qualifying items here. Pricing is updated frequently as the value of these recyclables is constantly changing.

Why didn’t I get paid for all the items in my shipment?

Some of your items were either not on the price list, previously remanufactured or they were damaged.

Cartridge inspection criteria

  • Must be on the price list to get paid for the item
  • Previously remanufactured are unacceptable
  • Damaged or broken items are unacceptable
Small electronics inspection criteria
  • Light scuffs and usual wear are acceptable
  • Damaged or broken items are unacceptable

What is the payment process?

eScrip Recycling deposits funds electronically to the enrolled group's account.

Where should we collect items from the price list?

These items can be brought from home, or parents can bring them from work. Local businesses such as banks, hotels, car dealerships and law offices are usually large contributors to the cartridge/electronics recycling industry.

There are many companies that offer the same type of program. Why choose eScrip?

eScrip has negotiated one of the best deals in the industry. Compare our contribution amounts to others, and you will see why eScrip recycling is the best.

Once I sign up our group, what happens next?

In the next week you’ll receive your start-up kit which contains everything you need to get started: shipping labels, tips for recycling, sample parent letter to send home with your students.

How do we ship the cartridges to eScrip Recycling?

Print labels from your online account for immediate use, or order some and we’ll send them to you via US mail; you’ll receive them in about a week. Fill your boxes with a minimum of 20 items each (or 20 lbs of product) then affix your labels, tape them shut, and leave them at a UPS pickup location. Shipping is completely free. Please do not call UPS for a pickup, they’ll charge you a fee that we cannot refund.

We encourage you to reuse boxes from your school, home, or community. This helps save natural resources like the ones used in the production of brand new shipping boxes. It also saves the valuable fossil fuels used to ship the boxes from the vendor to our facility, and then out again to your doorstep.