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Recycle Inkjet Cartridges with eScrip Recycle Laser Cartridges with eScrip

Please do not send toner tubes or tanks (they look like water bottles) as they are not recyclable.

ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 BROTHER DR-630$1.80 BROTHER DR-820$2.70
 BROTHER DR-890$2.70 
 CANON 110II$1.35 CANON 119II$2.25
 CANON 120$1.35 CANON 2617B001AA$1.35
 CANON 309$1.13 CANON 310II$1.35
 CANON 319 II$2.25 CANON 319II$2.25
 CANON 320$1.35 CANON 324II$1.58
 CANON 3480B001$2.25 CANON 3480B003AA$2.25
 CANON 3480B005AA$2.25 CANON 710H$1.35
 CANON 719H$2.25 CANON 720$1.35
 CANON 724H$1.58 CANON CRG324II$1.58
 CANON CRG524II$1.58 CANON CRG724II$1.58
 CANON FP470$1.13 CANON GPR-40H$1.58
 CANON GPR-41$2.25 
 DELL 03YNJ$1.13 DELL 1V7V7$1.13
 DELL 1XCHF$1.13 DELL 2JX96$1.13
 DELL 2PFPR$1.13 DELL 2TTWC$1.13
 DELL 331-9755$1.13 DELL 331-9756$1.13
 DELL 331-9757$1.13 DELL 331-9777$1.13
 DELL 331-9795$1.13 DELL 331-9797$1.13
 DELL 331-9803$1.13 DELL 331-9804$1.13
 DELL 331-9805$1.13 DELL 331-9806$1.13
 DELL 331-9807$1.13 DELL 331-9808$1.13
 DELL 332-0131$1.13 DELL 332-0132$1.13
 DELL 332-0373$1.13 DELL 332-0376$1.13
 DELL 34H27$1.13 DELL 3CMM6$1.13
 DELL 4T14T$1.13 DELL 593BBY$1.13
 DELL 593-BBYR$1.13 DELL 593-BBYT$1.13
 DELL 71MXV$1.13 DELL 7MC5J$1.13
 DELL 8XTXR$1.13 DELL 98VWN$1.13
 DELL 9G0PM$1.13 DELL 9GG2G$1.13
 DELL B23460DN$1.13 DELL B3465DN-DNF$1.13
 DELL B5465$1.13 DELL C3NTP$1.13
 DELL G7TY4$1.13 DELL GDFKW$1.13
 DELL GW3G4$1.13 DELL HJ0DH$1.13
 DELL JNC45$1.13 DELL KM2NC$1.13
 DELL M11XH$1.13 DELL P1P75$1.13
 DELL PG6NR$1.13 DELL RGCN6$1.13
 DELL T6J1J$1.13 DELL V5XDF$1.13
 DELL W3F9K$1.13 DELL X5GDJ$1.13
 DELL X68Y8$1.13 DELL YT3W1$1.13
 HP 05X$2.25 HP 11X$1.35
 HP 16A$1.13 HP 26A$2.70
 HP 26X$3.60 HP 38A$5.63
 HP 39A$1.35 HP 42A$1.80
 HP 42X$1.80 HP 45A$1.80
 HP 55X$1.58 HP 6017895$2.70
 HP 64A$1.35 HP 64X$2.70
 HP 70A$1.13 HP 75383$1.13
 HP 80X$2.25 HP 81X$2.70
 HP 87A$2.70 HP 87X$3.60
 HP 90A$1.35 HP 90X$2.70
 HP CB506-67901$1.00 HP CC364A$1.35
 HP CC364X$2.70 HP CC364XC$2.70
 HP CE255X$1.58 HP CE255XC$1.58
 HP CE390A$1.35 HP CE390X$2.70
 HP CE390XC$2.70 HP CE505X$2.25
 HP CE505XC$2.25 HP CE988-67901$1.00
 HP CF226A$2.70 HP CF226X$3.60
 HP CF226XC$3.60 HP CF235-67921$1.00
 HP CF280X$2.25 HP CF280XC$2.25
 HP CF281X$2.70 HP CF281XC$2.70
 HP CF287A$2.70 HP CF287X$3.60
 HP CF287XC$3.60 HP FM4-4290$1.00
 HP HP2025-FUS-B$1.00 HP HP4250-FUS$1.00
 HP HP4250-FUS-B$1.00 HP HP4250-FUSMX-B$1.00
 HP HP4700-ITB$1.00 HP HPM400-FUS$1.00
 HP HPM4555-FUS$1.00 HP HPM4555-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM600-FUS$1.00 HP HPM600-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM712-FUS$1.00 HP HPM712-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPP3015-FUS$1.00 HP HPP3015-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPP4015-FUS$1.00 HP HPP4015-FUS-B$1.00
 HP Q1338$5.63 HP Q1338A$5.63
 HP Q1339A$1.35 HP Q5421-67901$1.00
 HP Q5421-67903$1.00 HP Q5645YC$1.80
 HP Q5942A$1.80 HP Q5942X$1.80
 HP Q5942XC$1.80 HP Q5942YC$1.80
 HP Q5945A$1.80 HP Q5945YC$1.80
 HP Q6511X$1.35 HP Q7504A$1.00
 HP Q7504AP$1.00 HP Q7516A$1.13
 HP Q7570A$1.13 HP Q7570AC$1.13
 HP RC2-7835$1.00 HP RC2-7850$1.00
 HP RC3-2458$1.00 HP RM1-1082$1.00
 HP RM1-1708$1.00 HP RM1-2149$1.00
 HP RM1-3161$1.00 HP RM1-4554$1.00
 HP RM1-6274$1.00 HP RM1-6738$1.00
 HP RM1-6738-000$1.00 HP RM1-6740$1.00
 HP RM1-7395$1.00 HP RM1-8395$1.00
 HP RM1-8735$1.00 HP RM1-8808$1.00
 HP RU5-8566$1.00 HP RU6-8308$1.00
 HP SEB70AR$1.13 
 KONICA A36V-00K$1.13 KONICA A63V00H$1.13
 KONICA A63V00W$1.13 KONICA A6VK01W$1.13
 KONICA A6WT00F$1.13 KONICA TNP-34$1.13
 KONICA TNP-35$1.13 KONICA TNP-36$1.13
 KONICA TNP-37$1.13 KONICA TNP-38$1.13
 KONICA TNP-39$1.13 KONICA TNP40$1.13
 KONICA TNP41$1.13 KONICA TNP42$1.13
 KONICA TNP43$1.13 KONICA TNP44$1.13
 KONICA TNP46$1.13 
 LEXMARK 24B6015$1.13 LEXMARK 24B6020$1.13
 LEXMARK 24B6035$1.13 LEXMARK 24B6186$1.13
 LEXMARK 24B6215$1.13 LEXMARK 24B6228$1.13
 LEXMARK 24B6439$1.13 LEXMARK 24B6553$1.13
 LEXMARK 24B6554$1.13 LEXMARK 24B6556$1.13
 LEXMARK 500G$1.13 LEXMARK 500HA$1.13
 LEXMARK 500UA$1.13 LEXMARK 500XA$1.13
 LEXMARK 501$1.13 LEXMARK 501H$1.13
 LEXMARK 501U$1.13 LEXMARK 501UE$1.13
 LEXMARK 501X$1.13 LEXMARK 501XE$1.13
 LEXMARK 502$1.13 LEXMARK 502H$1.13
 LEXMARK 502HE$1.13 LEXMARK 502UE$1.13
 LEXMARK 502X$1.13 LEXMARK 502XE$1.13
 LEXMARK 503H$1.13 LEXMARK 503HE$1.13
 LEXMARK 504H$1.13 LEXMARK 50F00G$1.13
 LEXMARK 50F0HA0$1.13 LEXMARK 50F0UA0$1.13
 LEXMARK 50F0XA0$1.13 LEXMARK 50F1000$1.13
 LEXMARK 50F1H00$1.13 LEXMARK 50F1U00$1.13
 LEXMARK 50F1X00$1.13 LEXMARK 50F2H0E$1.13
 LEXMARK 50F2U0E$1.13 LEXMARK 50F3H00$1.13
 LEXMARK 50F4U0E$1.13 LEXMARK 50F4X0E$1.13
 LEXMARK 51B00A0$1.13 LEXMARK 51B0HA0$1.13
 LEXMARK 51B0XA0$1.13 LEXMARK 51B1X00$1.13
 LEXMARK 520$1.13 LEXMARK 520G$1.13
 LEXMARK 520HA$1.13 LEXMARK 520HB$1.13
 LEXMARK 520HG$1.13 LEXMARK 520HR$1.13
 LEXMARK 520XA$1.13 LEXMARK 520XG$1.13
 LEXMARK 520XN$1.13 LEXMARK 521$1.13
 LEXMARK 521H$1.13 LEXMARK 521HE$1.13
 LEXMARK 521HL$1.13 LEXMARK 521X$1.13
 LEXMARK 521XE$1.13 LEXMARK 521XL$1.13
 LEXMARK 522HE$1.13 LEXMARK 522X$1.13
 LEXMARK 522XE$1.13 LEXMARK 524H$1.13
 LEXMARK 52D0HA0$1.13 LEXMARK 52D0XA0$1.13
 LEXMARK 52D1000$1.13 LEXMARK 52D1H00$1.13
 LEXMARK 52D1H0L$1.13 LEXMARK 52D1X00$1.13
 LEXMARK 600HA$1.13 LEXMARK 600XA$1.13
 LEXMARK 601$1.13 LEXMARK 601H$1.13
 LEXMARK 601X$1.13 LEXMARK 602$1.13
 LEXMARK 602H$1.13 LEXMARK 602HE$1.13
 LEXMARK 602XE$1.13 LEXMARK 60F0HA0$1.13
 LEXMARK 60F0XA0$1.13 LEXMARK 60F1000$1.13
 LEXMARK 60F1H00$1.13 LEXMARK 60F1X00$1.13
 LEXMARK 60F1X0E$1.13 LEXMARK 60F2X0E$1.13
 LEXMARK 620$1.13 LEXMARK 620HA$1.13
 LEXMARK 620XA$1.13 LEXMARK 621$1.13
 LEXMARK 621H$1.13 LEXMARK 621X$1.13
 LEXMARK 621XE$1.13 LEXMARK 622XE$1.13
 LEXMARK 624H$1.13 LEXMARK 62D0HA0$1.13
 LEXMARK 62D0XA0$1.13 LEXMARK 62D1000$1.13
 LEXMARK 62D1H00$1.13 LEXMARK 62D1X00$1.13
 LEXMARK A63W01H$1.13 LEXMARK M1145$1.13
 LEXMARK M5155$1.13 LEXMARK M5163$1.13
 LEXMARK M5170$1.13 LEXMARK MS317$1.13
 LEXMARK MS410$1.13 LEXMARK MS417$1.13
 LEXMARK MS510$1.13 LEXMARK MS517$1.13
 LEXMARK MS610$1.13 LEXMARK MS617$1.13
 LEXMARK MS710$1.13 LEXMARK MX317$1.13
 LEXMARK MX417$1.13 LEXMARK MX510$1.13
 LEXMARK MX511$1.13 LEXMARK MX517$1.13
 LEXMARK MX610$1.13 LEXMARK MX611$1.13
 LEXMARK MX617$1.13 LEXMARK MX810$1.13
 LEXMARK MX811$1.13 LEXMARK XM1145$1.13
 LEXMARK XM3150$1.13 LEXMARK XM5163$1.13
 LEXMARK XM7155$1.13 LEXMARK XM7163$1.13
 LEXMARK XM7170$1.13 
 SOURCETECH 24B6224$1.13 SOURCETECH STI-204065H-24B6230$1.13
 SOURCETECH STI-204514$1.13 
 STAND REG 88100370$1.13 
 TOSHIBA 6B000000610$1.13 TOSHIBA 6B000000613$1.13
 TOSHIBA 6B000000745$1.13 
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