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Recycle Inkjet Cartridges with eScrip Recycle Laser Cartridges with eScrip

Please do not send toner tubes or tanks (they look like water bottles) as they are not recyclable.

ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 CANON 0618B002$0.45 CANON CL-211 COLOR HIGH YIELD 2975B001$1.35
 CANON CL-241 COLOR 5209B001 5208B001$1.13 CANON CL-241XL COLOR 5208B001$1.58
 CANON CL-246XL (8280B001) COLOR PIXMA MG3520/MG2420/MG2420/MG2520$1.80 CANON CL-31 1900B002$0.45
 CANON CL-41 0617B002$0.45 CANON PG-240XL BLACK$0.90
 CANON PG-240XXL BLACK 5204B001$0.90 
 HP #61 BLACK (CH561WN) (2014/03/31 EXPIRATION OR EARLIER)$0.45 HP #61XL BLACK (CH563WN) (2014/03/31 EXPIRATION OR EARLIER)$1.13
 HP #61XL TRI-COLOR (CH564WN) (2014/03/31 EXPIRATION OR EARLIER)$1.35 HP 15 C6615DN$1.35
 HP 22 C9352AN$1.35 HP 28 C8728AN$1.35
 HP 45 51645A, C8842A$1.35 HP 51626A$0.45
 HP 54 CB334AN$0.11 HP 57 C6657AN$1.35
 HP 60 TRICOLOR CC643WN$0.90 HP 60 XL BLACK CC641WN$0.68
 HP 61 BLACK CH561WN$0.45 HP 61 TRI-COLOR CH562WN (2014/04/01 EXPIRATION OR LATER)$1.13
 HP 61 XL BLACK CH563WN$1.13 HP 61 XL COLOR CH564WN$1.35
 HP 62 BLACK C2P04AN$0.56 HP 62 COLOR C2P05AN$1.01
 HP 62XL BLACK C2P06AN$1.01 HP 62XL COLOR C2P07AN$1.46
 HP 701 CC635A$0.23 HP 95 8766W$0.23
 LEXMARK 1 18C0781$0.34 LEXMARK 16 10N0016, DELL A920 T0529, SHARP UX-C70$0.11
 PITNEY BOW 787-1$0.45 
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