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Recycle Inkjet Cartridges with eScrip Recycle Laser Cartridges with eScrip

Please do not send toner tubes or tanks (they look like water bottles) as they are not recyclable.

ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 BROTHER DR-630$1.80 BROTHER DR-730$1.80
 BROTHER DR-820$1.80 BROTHER DR-890$1.80
 CANON 110II$1.35 CANON 119II$1.58
 CANON 120$1.35 CANON 2617B001AA$1.35
 CANON 309$1.13 CANON 310II$1.35
 CANON 319 II$1.58 CANON 319II$1.58
 CANON 320$1.35 CANON 324II$1.58
 CANON 3480B001$1.58 CANON 3480B003AA$1.58
 CANON 3480B005AA$1.58 CANON 710H$1.35
 CANON 719H$1.58 CANON 720$1.35
 CANON 724H$1.58 CANON CRG324II$1.58
 CANON CRG524II$1.58 CANON CRG724II$1.58
 CANON FP470$1.13 CANON GPR-40H$1.58
 CANON GPR-41$1.58 
 HP 05X$1.58 HP 11X$1.35
 HP 16A$1.13 HP 201XC$1.13
 HP 201XM$1.13 HP 201XY$1.13
 HP 26A$2.70 HP 26X$3.60
 HP 3030FC$1.00 HP 37X$1.80
 HP 37Y$2.70 HP 38A$5.63
 HP 39A$1.13 HP 410XC$1.13
 HP 410XM$1.13 HP 410XY$1.13
 HP 42A$1.80 HP 42X$1.80
 HP 45A$1.13 HP 55X$1.58
 HP 6017895$2.70 HP 64A$1.35
 HP 64X$2.70 HP 70A$1.13
 HP 75383$1.13 HP 80X$1.58
 HP 81X$2.70 HP 87A$2.70
 HP 87X$3.60 HP 90A$1.35
 HP 90X$2.70 HP B3M77-67903$1.00
 HP B5L35-67902$1.00 HP C1N54A$1.00
 HP C1N54A (RM1-9623)$1.00 HP CB506-67901$1.00
 HP CC364A$1.35 HP CC364X$2.70
 HP CC364XC$2.70 HP CE255X$1.58
 HP CE255XC$1.58 HP CE390A$1.35
 HP CE390X$2.70 HP CE390XC$2.70
 HP CE505X$1.58 HP CE505XC$1.58
 HP CE710-69001$1.00 HP CE710-69009$1.00
 HP CE988-67901$1.00 HP CF226A$2.70
 HP CF226X$3.60 HP CF226XC$3.60
 HP CF235-67921$1.00 HP CF237X$1.80
 HP CF237Y$2.70 HP CF237YC$2.70
 HP CF280X$1.58 HP CF280XC$1.58
 HP CF281X$2.70 HP CF281XC$2.70
 HP CF287A$2.70 HP CF287X$3.60
 HP CF287XC$3.60 HP CF401X$1.13
 HP CF402X$1.13 HP CF403X$1.13
 HP CF411X$1.13 HP CF411XC$1.13
 HP CF412X$1.13 HP CF413X$1.13
 HP CP5225$1.00 HP E6B67-67901$1.00
 HP FM4-4290$1.00 HP HP2025-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HP3015-FUS$1.00 HP HP3020-FUS$1.00
 HP HP3020-FUS-B$1.00 HP HP3030-FUS$1.00
 HP HP4250-FUS$1.00 HP HP4250-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HP4250-FUSMX-B$1.00 HP HP4700-FUS$1.00
 HP HP4700-FUS-B$1.00 HP HP4700-KIT$1.00
 HP HP4700-KIT_$1.00 HP HP4730-FUS$1.00
 HP HPCM4730-FUS$1.00 HP HPCP4005-FUS$1.00
 HP HPCP5225-FUS-B$1.00 HP HPM1536-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM400-FUS$1.00 HP HPM4555-FUS$1.00
 HP HPM4555-FUS-B$1.00 HP HPM476-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM521-FUS$1.00 HP HPM521-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM600-FUS$1.00 HP HPM600-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM604$1.00 HP HPM604-FUS$1.00
 HP HPM604-FUS-B$1.00 HP HPM630-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM712-FUS$1.00 HP HPM712-FUS-B$1.00
 HP HPM855-FUS-B$1.00 HP HPP3015-FUS$1.00
 HP HPP3015-FUS-B$1.00 HP HPP4015-FUS$1.00
 HP HPP4015-FUS-B$1.00 HP Q1338$5.63
 HP Q1338A$5.63 HP Q1339A$1.13
 HP Q5421-67901$1.00 HP Q5421-67903$1.00
 HP Q5645YC$1.13 HP Q5942A$1.80
 HP Q5942X$1.80 HP Q5942XC$1.80
 HP Q5942YC$1.80 HP Q5945A$1.13
 HP Q5945YC$1.13 HP Q6511X$1.35
 HP Q7502A$1.00 HP Q7516A$1.13
 HP Q7570A$1.13 HP Q7570AC$1.13
 HP RC1-2108$1.00 HP RC2-7835$1.00
 HP RC2-7850$1.00 HP RC3-1520$1.00
 HP RC3-2458$1.00 HP RM1-0862$1.00
 HP RM1-0865$1.00 HP RM1-0865-000$1.00
 HP RM1-0865-040$1.00 HP RM1-0865-BULK$1.00
 HP RM1-1082$1.00 HP RM1-1719$1.00
 HP RM1-3131$1.00 HP RM1-3131-BULK$1.00
 HP RM1-4554$1.00 HP RM1-6083$1.00
 HP RM1-6154$1.00 HP RM1-6184$1.00
 HP RM1-6274$1.00 HP RM1-6738$1.00
 HP RM1-6738-000$1.00 HP RM1-6740$1.00
 HP RM1-7395$1.00 HP RM1-7576$1.00
 HP RM1-8061$1.00 HP RM1-8395$1.00
 HP RM1-8508$1.00 HP RM1-8735$1.00
 HP RM1-8808$1.00 HP RM1-9623$1.00
 HP RM2-0011$1.00 HP RM2-5012$1.00
 HP RM2-5399$1.00 HP RM2-5399-000$1.00
 HP RM2-5399-000CN$1.00 HP RM2-5399-R$1.00
 HP RM2-5476$1.00 HP RM2-5679$1.00
 HP RM2-5679-000$1.00 HP RM2-5679-000CN$1.00
 HP RM2-5795$1.00 HP RM2-6308$1.00
 HP RM2-6418$1.00 HP RU5-8566$1.00
 HP RU6-8308$1.00 HP SEB70AR$1.13
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